Cfmoto dash lights

Cfmoto dash lights

Feature packed and boasting a workable cc V-Twin engine with big tow and carry capacities. The power is tamed by a Bosch 'fly by wire' EFI system providing the driver with ultimate control during both high speed and low speed manoeuvres. Automotive inspired cabin comfortably transports three adults.

Open style dash, foldable centre console and under seat storage delivers an incredible combined The gas-assisted dumping cargo-bed carries kg, is wide enough to accommodate a standard pallet and features integrated tie down points. A towing package is fitted as standard with KG capacity. Avoid tearing up the ground, when loss of traction occurs on one rear wheel, the other will engage to minimise loss of forward momentum.

Power: 71 hp Max. The company's core values are continual improvement, innovation and quality - values that permeate throughout its global distribution network in Europe, north and south America, Canada, Africa and China. National ride away prices are inclusive of freight to your local dealer and dealer pre-delivery charges.

Excludes Regional WA dealers. Test Ride. Find a Dealer.They operate out of an incredible 1.

cfmoto dash lights

What sets them apart from the rest of the Chinese manufacturers is their focus towards incredible customer service and dealer network.

The new ZForce EX might be the exception, as we jumped at the chance and boarded a plane to go race one at the 12 Hours of La Tuque. The ZForce EX runs pretty darn good. While the La Tuque racecourse consists entirely of deep, power robbing, riverbed-type sand, we were still able to see close to 50 mph in the longest straightaways.

It seemed slightly slower than the Wildcat Sports that were on course, but definitely faster than a Rhino or one of the new Wolverines. Shifting the ZForce is pretty straightforward and simple; the shifter features a lockout button, but we noticed it would still shift without it activated.

cfmoto dash lights

With our race machine being a non-EPS unit, there was some worry about stiffer or busier steering. After a few laps of testing, though, we realized that the steering was still plenty light, and it would be a huge advantage with the deep sand and even deeper ruts developing in the turns. Like most other diff-lock systems, it will pull you up or out of just about any situation, but steering is drastically affected, and you would definitely appreciate the optional EPS system.

The EX suspension was more than impressive. The ZForce ride is very predictable and stable. The Overall, we were overly impressed with the suspension, overly impressed with the suspension, especially when comparing it to especially when comparing it to previous CFMoto models or previous CFMoto models or especially anything else especially anything else produced in China.

Overall, the ZForce handles pretty well. On hardpack, front-end push is slightly noticeable, but it really hooks up and turns in sand or anywhere else that it can get a little bite.

cfmoto dash lights

Tracking through a rutted berm is also very predictable and wellmannered. Pretty much every turn in La Tuque was rutted after a few laps, and you could really lay the ZForce into it trustingly. As for deep mud action, it would be a guess, but the protection from fling-off was pretty good, especially as our unit was equipped with full Kimpex aluminum doors. It also comes equipped with a pretty nicelooking pound winch right from the factory. Twelve inches of ground clearance will undoubtedly be an asset in the rocks, as will the winch.

This might pose a durability issue worth looking at if rock crawling is your thing. The brakes were decent. It features a four-wheel hydraulic disc brake system like most of the competition, but the pedal feel was not really what we would call consistent or over-the-top good. It also has the ability of four-wheel engine braking when picking down technical hills in 4WD where the RZR only has rear-wheel braking.

The completely digital dash is nice, and there are rocker switches to operate all the ZForce functions, like turn signals, hazards and the horn. The stock seat belts are similar to a four-point race harness, but they completely missed the boat on proper mounting location. By design, a four point harness needs to run over your shoulders and then down through the seat to a mounting point. The CFMoto belts mount 3 inches above your shoulders, leaving the occupant floating around, truly unrestrained.

In an effort to feel safe while motoing the ZForce at race speed, we realized the upper mount could be unbolted and then run under the lower bar and remounted. This essentially lowered the pull point by about 4 inches, which is much more effective, but could still use another 2—3 inches. The harness is also not padded and could chafe your neck if not perfectly adjusted. Getting on a plane to fly three thousand miles across the continent and race definitely brought up the issue of durability.

While we were a little worried at first, the ZForce proved overall to be pretty reliable. I did have a front differential failure in my first moto, and one other racer experienced the same thing, but overall, they were really good. With eight stock CFMotos entered in the two-hour, extreme-terrain race, the two differentials were the only real failures. One of the three highly modified units threw a belt, but it was making a lot more horsepower than the stocker, and it had larger, heavier, more aggressive tires.

The ZForce makes even more sense when you factor in price.Jan Siblings aside, the GT comes in significantly cheaper than the competition. We test the GT to find out if that saving is reflected in the ride…. CFMoto have stepped it up over recent years. The fit, fasteners and running gear is also as good as any make in the category now.

The GT is the first cab off the rank of what is to come and after testing over a broad range of roads and in varying conditions, I have to say that the future looks good for CFMoto based on the GT. So what is the trade off for that cash saving?

Obviously the bike is built to a budget. The main standout differences between the GT and a Japanese or Euro competitor in the cc category is weight, torque and braking performance. The GT is the heaviest in the class at kg, around 25kg heavier on average than the rest of the field. It is also very slightly down on outright power and torque. The brakes are slightly under-spec for the job, so pulling up requires a good squeeze.

Aside from those things, the GT is right up there…. The KYB suspension is plush but the bike remains balanced. On the bumpier fast roads, some more damping control and spring support would help. This GT really is easy on the eyes, with sharp modern lines, LED lights, highlighted rims and a neat finish on the engine and frame… I like the look of it. Working my way through lines of traffic and negotiating the roadworks and City upgrades, I am not completely at home on the GT yet.

Even though I am an experienced rider, the weight of the bike is taking some time to get used to. The low seat height helps, both feet easily on the ground at the lights. After my caffein fix I head for the M1 from the foreshore. The engine temperature is regulated well and the fan is only coming on during the longest red light stops. Heat around my legs or upper body is not too bad in town, the mirrors are wide and vibe-free, offering a good view, the horn is loud enough as I find out and although the bike is no VMAX off the lights, clutch take-up is smooth, action light and the GT still leaves the traffic behind off the mark.

The CFMoto GT has a low seat, perfect for those under cm, while the screen is adjustable to ensure good weather and wind protection for touring.

2013 CFMoto Z6 EX Customized by Tejas Motorsports

The flat, linear torque curve of that proven twin, a close copy of the Kawasaki ER6 motor, combined with the tall gearing, a smooth clutch, Bosch fuelling and basic layout of the switches and gear makes it just so easy to ride. The brakes are good in town and the suburbs, with gentle initial bite and enough stopping power, with more up the sleeve with an extra squeeze if needed. Only the low seat height is bothering me. The adjustable screen, smooth engine, lack of vibes and seat comfort make it a great package.

Taller riders will want more leg room… The TFT display is dull when it has sun on it. Heading out of town and onto the motorway allows me to stretch the legs of the and settle in for a km slab to my hometown. At rpm in top gear, the twin is ticking along smoothly with only the slightest vibes. There is no uncomfortable hot airflow from the motor going on my feet or legs, the mirrors are vibe free, all is well. On the flat, I easily pass a few cars ahead with the twist of the wrist, so overtaking rapidly and safely is not a problem at all on the GT.

The steering geometry is conservative and stable, the weight low, but the GT can still be punted through the turns at a decent pace and is fun to ride in the twisties.

Meeting up with the Pillion in a Million for the photoshoot sees me on the bike for bang on minutes.


A good stretch of the legs is needed, but for minutes of basically straight highway, I feel pretty fresh.Review of the CFMoto JetMax i October1 To a lot of people who are into powered two-wheeled conveyances the combination of the words "scooter" and "mainland China" bring a flood of negative experiences. It's certainly true that many really low quality scooters have come out of mainland China and been dumped on the US market. Horror stories of scooters that never run correctly, lack of support, little-to-no parts availability and the like are all over the place.

With the scooter boom in it seemed like everyone was importing container-loads of cheap Chinese scooters, giving them European sounding names and trying to make a quick buck.

Cafc gives mixed decision in hitachi v. alliance

Does this mean that all mainland Chinese scooters are junk? No, it doesn't. Companies like Honda and Yamaha have contract manufacturing facilities in mainland China and have proven that high quality products can come out of those factories.

One of the mainland Chinese companies that has shown a lot of growth in quality in recent years is CFMoto of Hangzhou near Shanghai. Back in July of we reviewed a CFMoto Glory and were impressed with the mechanical components of that machine. We've learned to trust Marty's opinions and when he said the new CFMoto JetMax was worth a look we jumped at the opportunity. The scooter we received from GoMoto was a final production version.

Other mainland Chinese s have been clones of scooters like the Honda Reflex. It was very easy to mount my GPS holder on the CFMoto JetMax as it comes equipped with conventional mirrors as opposed to proprietary integrated ones too often found on Chinese machines.

I topped off the fuel tank and started riding. That is to say it indicated faster than the actual speed. The odometer was more accurate showing The scooter was not broken in and it wouldn't be surprising to get a few more MPH out of it after break-in and with a lighter rider I'm pounds. A lot of our riding was at highway speeds and I would expect that a person riding mostly around town and after the engine is broken in could expect to see mileage in the 62 - 70 MPG range. It rides on a 15 inch tire up front with a 14 inch in the back.

Triple disks two in front, one in back handle the braking duty. There are others in the marketplace the Linhai Main Street comes to mind but based on the in-house development I consider the JetMax a "stand-alone" as of now. Getting exact specifications for the JetMax was bit challenging as different CFMoto sources had different information.

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For example published dry weight for the scooter varies from pounds to pounds. I ran the scooter across a freight scale to get the pounds shown. I also measured the seat height and wheelbase myself. I always try to get "out-the-door" prices from a couple of sources to see what freight, taxes, fees, title, prep and the like do to the MSRP. This is NOT the case with most other scooters. The JetMax has some nice features, one of the best being on-board storage.

There is a wide but shallow glove box and a HUGE amount of space under the seat. I have also heard though not actually seen that a rear luggage rack will be available for this scooter. Having that sweet underseat space in combination with a rack-mounted trunk would make the JetMax one of the best scooters out there for luggage capacity.

2014 CFMoto CFORCE 600

Just in front of the underseat storage is an engine access area that is nicely covered by a panel. Those somewhat odd-looking "wings" by the back of the seat are passenger grab rails.

They are kind of thick and made it challenging to utilize bungee cords to hold objects on the passenger seat. I'd like to see a channel in the bottom of the rail for bungee hooks.

The dash is wide and offers up a lot of info, though not everything one might expect.

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The analog speedometer is in the center and is biased to kilometers. Miles are indicated in smaller number on the inner ring. There are three indicator lights on each side of the speedometer and include an engine "code" light that will flash if a fault is detected by the monitoring system.

There are digital temperature and fuel gauges to the left and a digital clock and odometer to the right.Where are Honda motorcycles produced? Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Hello guys, I have ZForce ex, Is there a way to dim down the dash lights? Thank you all. Ride safe.

CFMoto is here

Yea mine has nothing like that. These generally have the 2 small round push buttons for display only. Previous question. Next question. Register Now. Forget Where are Honda motorcycles produced?

Remember Me. Lost Password Lost your password? Register Now Join us Create an account. Profile Contact Us. Answers October 9, at PM. A piece of tint for windows might work. Or change out the leds to dim able leds.

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Chris Swe. Yes there is a dimmer option. Found it on google though. Bill Hazzlett. Wish i knew if you there was a dim on it. At night its really bright on my Bill Lane.Have a new CD quad done 42 klmsjust stopped for a minute put in park and now can not get it out Peter. How do I adjust the gear belt, think mine keeps slipping. Temp gauge doesnt go past one bar on dash but engine is hot cforce just also replaced thermo switch.

Any help? I have a cforce I'm trying to work out where it tells me how many hours its done. What is this? It's it the hours in some code I don't understand? It's done more than 9 hours. Did you ever find out what this means, as i have the exact same L1 9H 8 on my CForce I have the same on my Cforce L1 9H No idea what that means.

No answer in the owners manual. No I didn't ever get an answer. The email just came through with the 2 replies so it doesn't look like things move fast on this page anyway. Can you please tell me what size globes the front headlights take even the parker lights in the headlights? Now as soon as machine goes into forward or reverse gear machine lunges and shuts down, what's the problem, what needs to be fixed?

Hi Tyler has the correct belt been fitted? Is the CVT transmission intact and no other damage occurred? Hi Todd, always double check your battery is fully charged, then it could possibly be the starter relay. I do highly recommend that you contact your CFMOTO Dealer to check out your bike as it is hard to diagnose correctly without seeing it first hand. To find a dealer please head to www. What does it mean when you can not decelerate over 17 km hour with out chugging.

Hi Dave, it depends on the model you have. If it is a fuel injected bike, it may have gone into safe mode. Best to contact your dealer to discuss the symptoms and they will be able to help resolve the issue.

To find one please head to www. I have a cforce ho that is over heating. I've done a complete coolant flush and put new coolant in. That didnt help. I just changed the thermal switch.

The radiator gets hot and the fan dose kick on but still over heats. Drive I h at slower speeds seems to make it over heat but not so much at higher speeds or higher revs. It will still overheat at higher speeds if driven for length of time. I'm thinking that it might be a thermostat but I'm not sure.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. That is exactly my issue, beside a number of others with this piece of junk!!!! To find an Australian dealer please visit www. How do I work out the year of manufacture on my CF? Fuses are fine, battery is fine as well.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

cfmoto dash lights

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